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  He fumbles out his wand.

  I'm armed and -- entirely dangerous and seriously advise you --

  He realizes his wand is the wrong way around and turns it right.

  To be very careful --

  SNAPE: He's safe, Ron.

  RON looks at HERMIONE, who nods.

  RON: Thank Dumbledore for that.



  HERMIONE is sitting studying the Time-Turner as RON tries to digest it all.

  RON: So you're telling me that the whole of history rests on . . . Neville Longbottom? This is pretty wild.

  HERMIONE: It's true, Ron.

  RON: Right. And you're sure because . . .

  HERMIONE: What he knows about Snape -- about all of us -- there's no way he could . . .

  RON: Maybe he's a really good guesser?

  SCORPIUS: I'm not. Can you help?

  RON: We're the only ones that can. Dumbledore's Army has shrunk considerably since its peak. In fact, we're pretty much all that's left, but we've kept fighting on. Hiding in plain sight. Doing our best to tickle their nose hairs. Granger here is a wanted woman. I'm a wanted man.

  SNAPE (dryly): Less wanted.

  HERMIONE: To be clear: In this other world . . . ? Before you meddled?

  SCORPIUS: Voldemort is dead. Killed in the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry is Head of Magical Law Enforcement. You're Minister for Magic.

  HERMIONE stops, surprised by this, she looks up with a smile.

  HERMIONE: I'm Minister for Magic?

  RON (wanting to join the fun): Brilliant. What do I do?

  SCORPIUS: You run Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.

  RON: Okay, so, she's Minister for Magic and I run a -- joke shop?

  SCORPIUS looks at RON's hurt face.

  SCORPIUS: You're mostly focused on bringing up your kids.

  RON: Great. I expect their mother is hot.

  SCORPIUS (blushing): Well . . . Um . . . Depends what you think of . . . The thing is, you two sort of have kids -- together. A daughter and a son.

  The two look up, astonished.

  Married. In love. Everything. You were shocked the other time too. When you were Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and Ron was married to Padma. You're constantly surprised by it.

  HERMIONE and RON both look at each other and then look away. And then RON looks back. RON clears his throat repeatedly. With less conviction each time.

  HERMIONE: Close your mouth when you're looking at me, Weasley.

  RON does so. Though he remains discombobulated.

  And -- Snape? What does Snape do in this other world?

  SNAPE: I'm dead, presumably.

  He looks at SCORPIUS, whose face drops. SNAPE smiles thinly.

  You were a little too surprised to see me. How?

  SCORPIUS: Bravely.

  SNAPE: Who?

  SCORPIUS: Voldemort.

  SNAPE: How very irritating.

  There's a silence as SNAPE digests.

  Still, there's glory in being taken down by the Dark Lord himself, I suppose.

  HERMIONE: I'm sorry, Severus.

  SNAPE looks at her, and then swallows the pain. He indicates RON with a flick of his head.

  SNAPE: Well, at least I'm not married to him.

  HERMIONE: Which spells did you use?

  SCORPIUS: Expelliarmus in the first task and Engorgio in the second.

  RON: Simple Shield Charms should set both of those right.

  SNAPE: And then you left?

  SCORPIUS: The Time-Turner took us back, yes. That's the thing -- this Time-Turner, you only get five minutes in the past.

  HERMIONE: And can you still only move in time, not space?

  SCORPIUS: Yes, yes, it's -- uh -- you travel back in the same spot you stand in --

  HERMIONE: Interesting.

  SNAPE and HERMIONE both know what this means.

  SNAPE: Then it's just me and the boy.

  HERMIONE: No offense, Snape, but I'm not trusting this to anyone, it's too important.

  SNAPE: Hermione, you're the most wanted rebel in the wizarding world. Doing this will require you to go outside. When was the last time you were outside?

  HERMIONE: Not for a long time, but --

  SNAPE: If you're found outside, the dementors will kiss you -- they'll suck out your soul.

  HERMIONE: Severus, I'm done with living off scraps, making failed attempts at coups. This is our chance to reset the world.

  She nods at RON, who pulls down a map.

  The first task of the tournament took place at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. We turn time here, get to the tournament, block the spell, and then return safely. With precision -- it can be done and it won't require us to show our faces outside in our time at all. Then we'll turn time again, make our way to the lake, and reverse the second task.

  SNAPE: You're risking everything --

  HERMIONE: We get this right, Harry's alive, Voldemort's dead, and the Augurey is gone, for that no risk is too great. Though I am sorry what it will cost you.

  SNAPE: Sometimes costs are made to be borne.

  The two look at each other, SNAPE nods, HERMIONE nods back, SNAPE's face crumbles slightly.

  I didn't just quote Dumbledore, did I?

  HERMIONE (with a smile): No, I'm pretty sure that's pure Severus Snape.

  She turns to SCORPIUS, she indicates the Time-Turner.


  SCORPIUS brings her the Time-Turner. She smiles at it, excited to use a Time-Turner again, excited to use it for this.

  Let's hope this works.

  She takes the Time-Turner. It begins to vibrate, and then explodes into a storm of movement.

  And there is a giant whoosh of light. A smash of noise.

  And time stops. And then it turns over, thinks a bit, and begins spooling backwards, slow at first . . .

  There is a bang and a flash and our gang disappear.



  And we watch our scene from Part One replayed, but at the back of the stage rather than the front. We pick out ALBUS and SCORPIUS in their Durmstrang robes. And through it all we hear the "brilliant" (his words again, his words) LUDO BAGMAN.

  SCORPIUS, HERMIONE, RON, and SNAPE watch out anxiously.

  LUDO BAGMAN: And Cedric Diggory has entered the stage. And he seems ready. Scared but ready. He dodges this way. He dodges that. The girls swoon as he dives for cover. They cry as one: Don't damage our Diggory, Mr. Dragon! And Cedric skirts left and he dives right -- and he readies his wand --

  SNAPE: This is taking too long. The Time-Turner is spinning.

  LUDO BAGMAN: What has this young, brave, handsome man got up his sleevies now?

  As ALBUS attempts to summon CEDRIC's wand, HERMIONE blocks his spell. He looks at his wand -- disconsolate, unsure why it hasn't worked.

  And then the Time-Turner spins and they look at it and panic as they're pulled into it.

  A dog -- he's transfigured a stone into a dog -- dog diggity, Cedric Diggory -- you are a doggy dynamo.



  They are returned from time, at the edge of the woods, and RON is in a lot of pain. SNAPE looks around, immediately aware of the mess they're in.

  RON: Ow. Ow. Owwwwwww.

  HERMIONE: Ron . . . Ron . . . What has it done to you?

  SNAPE: Oh no. I knew it.

  SCORPIUS: The Time-Turner did something to Albus too. The first time we went back.

  RON: Useful -- time to -- ow -- tell us.

  SNAPE: We're aboveground. We need to move. Now.

  HERMIONE: Ron, you can still walk, come on . . .

  RON does stand up, shouting in pain. SNAPE raises his wand.

  SCORPIUS: Did it work?

  HERMIONE: We blocked the spell. Cedric kept his wand. Yes. It worked.

  SNAPE: But we came back to the wrong place -- we are outside. You are out