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  BANE: I did my part. But for my herd, and our honor. Not for you. And after the battle, the forest was deemed centaur land. And if you're on our land -- without permission -- then you are our enemy.

  HARRY: My son is missing, Bane. I need help finding him.

  BANE: And he is here? In our forest?

  HARRY: Yes.

  BANE: Then he is as stupid as you are.

  HARRY: Can you help me, Bane?

  There's a pause. BANE looks down at HARRY imperiously.

  BANE: I can only tell you what I know . . . But I tell you not for your benefit but for the benefit of my herd. The centaurs do not need another war.

  HARRY: Neither do we! What do you know?

  BANE: I've seen your son, Harry Potter. Seen him in the movements of the stars.

  HARRY: You've seen him in the stars?

  BANE: I can't tell you where he is. I can't tell you how you'll find him.

  HARRY: But you've seen something? You've divined something?

  BANE: There is a black cloud around your son, a dangerous black cloud.

  HARRY: Around Albus?

  BANE: A black cloud that may endanger us all. You'll find your son again, Harry Potter. But then you could lose him forever.

  He makes a sound like a horse's cry -- and then makes hard away -- leaving a bewildered HARRY behind. He begins to search again -- now with even more fervor.

  HARRY: Albus! Albus!



  SCORPIUS and ALBUS round a corner to be faced with a gap in the trees . . .

  A gap through which is visible . . . a glorious light . . .

  SCORPIUS: And there it is . . .

  ALBUS: Hogwarts. Never seen this view of it before.

  SCORPIUS: Still get a tingle, don't you? When you see it?

  And revealed through the trees is HOGWARTS -- a splendid mass of bulbous buildings and towers.

  From the moment I first heard of it, I was desperate to go. I mean, Dad didn't much like it there but even the way he described it . . . From the age of ten I'd check the Daily Prophet first thing every morning -- certain some sort of tragedy would have befallen it -- certain I wouldn't get to go.

  ALBUS: And then you got there and it turned out to be terrible after all.

  SCORPIUS: Not for me.

  ALBUS looks at his friend, shocked.

  All I ever wanted to do was go to Hogwarts and have a mate to get up to mayhem with. Just like Harry Potter. And I got his son. How crazily fortunate is that.

  ALBUS: But I'm nothing like my dad.

  SCORPIUS: You're better. You're my best friend, Albus. And this is mayhem to the nth degree. Which is great, thumbs-up great, it's just -- I have got to say -- I don't mind admitting -- I am a tiny bit -- just a tiny bit scared.

  ALBUS looks at SCORPIUS and smiles.

  ALBUS: You're my best friend too. And don't worry -- I have a good feeling about this.

  We hear RON's voice from off -- he's clearly in close proximity.

  RON: Albus? Albus.

  ALBUS turns towards it, scared.

  ALBUS: But we've got to go -- now.

  ALBUS takes the Time-Turner from SCORPIUS -- he presses down upon it and the Time-Turner begins to vibrate and then explodes into a storm of movement.

  And with it the stage starts to transform. The two boys look at it.

  And there is a giant whoosh of light. A smash of noise.

  And time stops. And then it turns over, thinks a bit, and begins spooling backwards, slow at first . . .

  And then it speeds up.



  Suddenly everything is a riot of noise as a crowd consumes ALBUS and SCORPIUS.

  And suddenly the "greatest showman on earth" (his words, not ours) is onstage, using Sonorus to amplify his voice, and . . . well . . . he's having a ball.

  LUDO BAGMAN: Ladies and gentlemen -- boys and girls -- I give you -- the greatest -- the fabulous -- the one -- and the only TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT.

  There's a loud cheer.

  If you're from Hogwarts. Give me a cheer.

  There's a loud cheer.

  If you're from Durmstrang -- give me a cheer.

  There's a loud cheer.


  There's a slightly limp cheer.

  Slightly less enthusiastic from the French there.

  SCORPIUS (smiling): This has worked. That's Ludo Bagman.

  LUDO BAGMAN: And there they are. Ladies and gentlemen -- boys and girls -- I present to you -- the reason why we're all here -- THE CHAMPIONS. Representing Durmstrang, what eyebrows, what a gait, what a boy, there's nothing he won't try on a broomstick, it's Viktor Krazy Krum.

  SCORPIUS and ALBUS (who are really getting into playing the Durmstrang students now): Go, go, Krazy Krum. Go, go, Krazy Krum.

  LUDO BAGMAN: From the Beauxbatons Academy -- zut alors, it's Fleur Delacour!

  There's some polite applause.

  And from Hogwarts not one but two students, he makes us all go weaky at the kneesy, he's Cedric Delicious Diggory.

  The crowd go wild.

  And then the other--you know him as the Boy Who Lived, I know him as the boy who keeps surprising us all . . .

  ALBUS: That's my dad.

  LUDO BAGMAN: Yes, it's Harry Plucky Potter.

  There's cheering. Particularly from a nervous-looking girl at the edge of the crowd--this is YOUNG HERMIONE (played by the same actress as plays ROSE). It is noticeable that the cheering for HARRY is slightly less than that for CEDRIC.

  And now -- silence please, all. The -- first -- task. Retrieving a golden egg. From a nest of -- ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you -- DRAGONS. And guiding the dragons -- CHARLIE WEASLEY.

  There are more cheers.

  YOUNG HERMIONE: If you're going to stand so close I'd rather you didn't breathe on me quite so much.

  SCORPIUS: Rose? What are you doing here?

  YOUNG HERMIONE: Who's Rose? And what's happened to your accent?

  ALBUS (with a bad accent): Sorry. Hermione. He's got you mixed up with someone else.

  YOUNG HERMIONE: How do you know my name?

  LUDO BAGMAN: And with no time to lose let's bring out our first champion -- facing a Swedish Short-Snout, I give you -- CEDRIC DIGGORY.

  A dragon roar distracts YOUNG HERMIONE, and ALBUS readies his wand.

  And Cedric Diggory has entered the stage. And he seems ready. Scared, but ready. He dodges this way. He dodges that. The girls swoon as he dives for cover. They cry as one: Don't damage our Diggory, Mr. Dragon!

  SCORPIUS looks concerned.

  SCORPIUS: Albus, something is going wrong. The Time-Turner, it's shaking.

  A ticking begins, an incessant, dangerous ticking. It's coming from the Time-Turner.

  LUDO BAGMAN: And Cedric skirts left and he dives right -- and he readies his wand -- what has this young, brave, handsome man got up his sleevies now --

  ALBUS (extending his wand): Expelliarmus!

  CEDRIC's wand is summoned to ALBUS's hand.

  LUDO BAGMAN: -- but no, what's this? Is it Dark Magic or is it something else entirely? His wand is flying away -- Cedric Diggory is Disarmed --

  SCORPIUS: Albus, I think the Time-Turner -- something is wrong . . .

  The Time-Turner's ticking gets louder still.

  LUDO BAGMAN: It's all going wrong for Diggors. This could be the end of the task for him. The end of the tournament.


  There's a crescendo in the ticking, and a flash.

  And time is turned back to the present, with ALBUS hollering in pain.

  SCORPIUS: Albus! Did it hurt you? Albus, are you --

  ALBUS: What happened?

  SCORPIUS: There must be some limit -- the Time-Turner must have some kind of time limit . . .

  ALBUS: Do you think we've done it? Do