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  ALBUS: Things need fixing, Scorpius. Cedric still needs saving. Rose needs bringing back. We'll be more careful. Whatever Croaker says, trust me, trust us. We'll get it right this time.

  SCORPIUS: No. We won't. Give it back, Albus! Give it back!

  ALBUS: I can't. This is too important.

  SCORPIUS: Yes, it's too important -- for us. We're not good at this stuff. We'll get it wrong.

  ALBUS: Who's saying that we'll get it wrong?

  SCORPIUS: I say. Because that's what we do. We mess things up. We lose. We're losers, true and total losers. Haven't you realized that yet?

  ALBUS finally gets the upper hand and pins SCORPIUS to the ground.

  ALBUS: Well, I wasn't a loser before I met you.

  SCORPIUS: Albus, whatever you've got to prove to your dad -- this isn't the way.

  ALBUS: I don't have anything to prove to my dad. I've got to save Cedric to save Rose. And maybe -- without you holding me back -- I can make a proper go of it.

  SCORPIUS: Without me? Oh poor Albus Potter. With his chip on his shoulder. Poor Albus Potter. So sad.

  ALBUS: What are you saying?

  SCORPIUS (exploding): Try my life! People look at you because your dad's the famous Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world. People look at me because they think my dad is Voldemort. Voldemort.

  ALBUS: Don't even --

  SCORPIUS: Can you even slightly imagine what that's like? Have you even ever tried? No. Because you can't see beyond the end of your nose. Because you can't see beyond the end of your stupid thing with your dad. He will always be Harry Potter, you know that, right? And you will always be his son. And I know it's hard, and the other kids are awful, but you have to learn to be okay with that, because -- there are worse things, okay?


  There was a moment I was excited, when I realized time was different, a moment when I thought maybe my mum hadn't got sick. Maybe my mum wasn't dead. But no, turns out, she was. I'm still the child of Voldemort, without a mother, giving sympathy to the boy who doesn't ever give anything back. So I'm sorry if I've ruined your life because I tell you -- you wouldn't have a chance of ruining mine -- it was already ruined. You just didn't make it better. Because you're a terrible -- the most terrible -- friend.

  ALBUS digests this. He sees what he's done to his friend.

  PROFESSOR McGONAGALL (from off): Albus? Albus Potter. Scorpius Malfoy. Are you in there -- together? Because I advise you not to be.

  ALBUS looks at SCORPIUS, he pulls a Cloak from his bag.

  ALBUS: Quick. We need to hide.


  ALBUS: Scorpius, look at me.

  SCORPIUS: That's the Invisibility Cloak? Isn't it James's?

  ALBUS: If she finds us, we'll be forced apart forever. Please. I didn't understand. Please.

  PROFESSOR McGONAGALL (from off -- trying to give them every chance): I am about to enter.

  PROFESSOR McGONAGALL comes into the room, the Marauder's Map in her hands. The boys disappear beneath the Cloak. She looks around, exasperated.

  Well, where have they -- I never wanted this thing and now it's playing tricks on me.

  She thinks. She looks back at the map. She identifies where they should be. She looks around the room. Objects move as the boys invisibly move past them. She sees where they're heading, she makes to block them. But they skirt around her.

  Unless. Unless . . . Your father's Cloak.

  She looks back at the map, she looks at the boys. She smiles to herself.

  Well, if I didn't see you, I didn't see you.

  She exits. The two boys remove the Cloak. They sit in silence for a moment.

  ALBUS: Yes, I stole this from James. He's remarkably easy to steal from; his trunk combination is the date he got his first broom. I've found the Cloak made avoiding bullies . . . easier.

  SCORPIUS nods.

  I'm sorry -- about your mum. I know we don't talk about her enough -- but I hope you know -- I'm sorry -- it's rubbish -- what happened to her -- to you.

  SCORPIUS: Thanks.

  ALBUS: My dad said -- said that you were this dark cloud around me. My dad started to think -- and I just knew I had to stay away, and if I didn't, Dad said he would --

  SCORPIUS: Your dad thinks the rumors are true -- I am the son of Voldemort?

  ALBUS (nods): His department are currently investigating it.

  SCORPIUS: Good. Let them. Sometimes -- sometimes I find myself thinking -- maybe they're true too.

  ALBUS: No. They're not true. And I'll tell you why. Because I don't think Voldemort is capable of having a kind son -- and you're kind, Scorpius. To the depths of your belly, to the tips of your fingers. I truly believe Voldemort -- Voldemort couldn't have a child like you.

  Beat. SCORPIUS is moved by this.

  SCORPIUS: That's nice -- that's a nice thing to say.

  ALBUS: And it's something I should have said a long time ago. In fact, you're probably the best person I know. And you don't -- you couldn't -- hold me back. You make me stronger -- and when Dad forced us apart -- without you --

  SCORPIUS: I didn't much like my life without you in it either.

  ALBUS: And I know I'll always be Harry Potter's son -- and I will sort that out in my head -- and I know compared to you my life is pretty good, really, and that he and I are comparatively lucky and --

  SCORPIUS (interrupting): Albus, as apologies go this is wonderfully fulsome, but you're starting to talk more about you than me again, so probably better to quit while you're ahead.

  ALBUS smiles and stretches out a hand.

  ALBUS: Friends?

  SCORPIUS: Always.

  SCORPIUS extends his hand, ALBUS pulls SCORPIUS up into a hug.

  That's the second time you've done that.

  The two boys break apart and smile.

  ALBUS: But I'm pleased we had this argument because it's given me a really good idea.

  SCORPIUS: About what?

  ALBUS: It involves the second task. And humiliation.

  SCORPIUS: You're still talking about going back in time? Have we been having the same conversation?

  ALBUS: You're right -- we are losers. We're brilliant at losing and so we should be using our own knowledge here. Our own powers. Losers are taught to be losers. And there's only one way to teach a loser -- and we know that better than anyone -- humiliation. We need to humiliate him. So in the second task that's what we'll do.

  SCORPIUS thinks -- for a long time -- and then smiles.

  SCORPIUS: That's a really good strategy.

  ALBUS: I know.

  SCORPIUS: I mean, quite spectacular. Humiliate Cedric to save Cedric. Clever. And Rose?

  ALBUS: That I'm saving as a sparkly surprise. I can do it without you -- but I want you there. Because I want us to do this together. Set things right together. So . . . Will you come?

  SCORPIUS: But, just a minute, isn't -- wasn't -- the second task took place in the lake, and you're not allowed to leave the school building.

  ALBUS grins.

  ALBUS: Yes. About that . . . We need to find the girls' bathroom on the first floor.



  RON is walking down the staircase, consumed in his thoughts, and then he sees HERMIONE and his expression changes entirely.

  RON: Professor Granger.

  HERMIONE looks across, her heart leaps a bit too (though she won't admit it).

  HERMIONE: Ron. What are you doing here?

  RON: Panju got in a little trouble in Potions class. Was showing off, of course, and put the wrong thing with the wrong thing and now he has no eyebrows and a rather large mustache, apparently. Which doesn't suit him. I didn't want to come but Padma says that when it comes to facial growths, sons need their fathers. Have you done something with your hair?

  HERMIONE: Just combed it, I suspect.

  RON: Well . . . Combing it suits you.

  HERMIONE looks at RON slightly strangely.